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Thursday Feature: “Let’s Talk Books” — From Book To Motion Picture

on October 24, 2019

Welcome To Thursday Feature: “Let’s Talk Books”! It wasn’t until a couple hours ago, while watching my favorite movie “Airport” (1970), written by Alex Hailey, that I finally decided what this week’s topic would be. While researching and writing this post, I discovered a list of 322 movies that had their beginning as a a novel or nonfiction book.  Looking back at this past month’s Academy Awards, several Oscars were awarded to movies that came from books — Still Alice,  Theory of Everything,  and The Imitation Game, to name only three. Now it’s your turn…

Think of a book you’ve read that became a movie.

Were you anxious to see the movie?  Why/why not?

Did it follow the book?

If it didn’t, what was different?  Plot? Characters?

Did the difference(s) affect your enjoyment of the movie? How?

Note: I’ll be posting my replies later in the day, as well as a link to the list I mentioned….I was surprised at some of the titles I found and maybe you will be too! 😀

Here is the link to the list:


2 responses to “Thursday Feature: “Let’s Talk Books” — From Book To Motion Picture

  1. Cathy says:

    Latest one that relates to this topic Bethie was The Book Thief. I was so disappointed with the film – I realise it was a rather complicated book but they seemd to leave half of the storyline out. I kept muttering things to myself like ‘that isn’t the way it happened’ so by the end of the film I really wasn’t interested at all.

    Because I always seem to be annoyed by film adaptations a friend suggested I should see the film then read the book because I could enjoy the film and then enjoy the richness of the book. Not sure I’m sold on that.
    Take care

  2. "Bethie" says:

    I understand how annoying it can be when we look forward to seeing a movie from a book we loved, and it lets us down. Regarding The Book Thief, the only character I enjoyed was played by Geoffrey Rush. That, in my opinion, was the only thing the film adaptation got right. On the flipside of the coin, after I read Bridges of Madison County, I couldn’t wait to see the movie. That book was on the movie screen. If you haven’t read or seen the movie, I highly recommend it. I could go on and on with those book/movie combinations that I loved, and book/movie combinations that disappointed me. One comes to mind… The Horse Whisperer in the late 90s. The book was great. The movie was a snooze fest inasmuch as it was one giant travelogue with beautiful vistas, but I think the film editor left the story on the cutting room floor.

    Happy reading and movie watching to all my blog followers! “Let’s Talk Books!” 😀

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