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Thursday Feature: “Let’s Talk Books” — Childhood Book Memory

on October 24, 2019

What is your first memory of being read to?  What was the book?  Who read it to you? How did it make you feel?

3 responses to “Thursday Feature: “Let’s Talk Books” — Childhood Book Memory

  1. "Bethie" says:

    My favorite memory of being read to is by my father when I was very young, probably around 6 or 7 years of age. I believe the first book he read to me was “The Wizard of Oz”. Being an only child of a Naval Officer, I didn’t have my dad around a lot when I was young, so the times that we had “daddy-daughter” time were extra special.

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  3. Morag says:

    My mum tells a story about my dad reading me bedtime stories when I was very young (I don’t actually remember this myself – was too young) and how he would get nearly to the end, and I would be nearly asleep, and then he would ad lib the end of the story and would be wide awake again saying, “no dad, that’s not right!”

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