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First Love Meets My Forever Love

on October 2, 2019

If I could zoom through space in the speed of light, I’d run back into the arms of my first love and when we first met.

I met my first love when we were 12 years old. We were both musicians, or at least we were learning to be musicians. He already had a “girlfriend”, but as far as I was concerned the sun rose and set in glorious colors when he was around.

But he didn’t notice me. Not right away anyway.

Then one day, it happened. He walked up to me after music class, and said, “Here. I’d like you to be my girlfriend”. Into my hand he put a small gold-plated pin that resembled a treble clef. I was thrilled. It’s been nearly 42 years since that day, and that pin has been in every purse, backpack, and hospital room ever since.

At our 30th high school reunion (2009) we met up again, and I showed him that I still had the pin, and he was speechless, which he hardly ever was.

As I write this I wonder, when I come to his mind does he still think of me as his first love? I hope so, because in the arms of my first love I felt safe and protected.

On September 29, 2019, two worlds converged and there were “sky rockets in flight”. The first love and the forever love met face to face for the first time, while a group of women worked feverishly to get me ready to meet my forever love as we were joined in the bond of matrimony. 

As I reached the chapel doors, I locked eyes with my first love. Our hands touched and electricity jumpstarted my heart.  He placed my hand in the hand of my forever love. That small gesture will live in my heart forever. 

2 responses to “First Love Meets My Forever Love

  1. jimmylou says:

    That’s beautiful! I love it so much! x

  2. gleeflower says:

    I’m enjoying your perspective, and your straightforward writing style.

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