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My Introduction To The Blogosphere Starts Now

on September 30, 2019

My name is Beth, but my friends call me “Bethie”, hence the name of my blog, “Bethie’s Place”.  Over many years I have tried to keep a private journal, and I always promise myself each New Year’s Day that I’ll do it, but it always ends up in failure.  So after a long recovery from a life threatening illness, I decided to dedicate my time to take my thoughts and make them public because it dawned on me that I wanted or needed an audience — someone to write to and for. If you’re interested in getting to know me better you can find a two-part introduction of who I am posted on my blog.


7 responses to “My Introduction To The Blogosphere Starts Now

  1. Arty-Kat says:

    I have been an online journal writer for about as long as that has Bren an avenue in which to write- at least 20 years! I have written in a journal for fifty years! (Gasp!) writing is how I’ve processed my life.

    If you need a cheerleader or prompter, I’ll be your gal. I’m thrilled you are taking on this new challenge Bethie! ✨❤💖💛💚💙💜✨

  2. Beth says:

    My childhood dream was to write and teach good literature. I taught for years, but never had time for writing my own accounts because I was buried so deeply in student papers.

    My husband and I had five children and they gave me eighteen grandchildren, so the fodder for writing is there. Now my dilemma is whether to write on a public blog or a private journal.

    BTW I like your name and your blog. I hope you are happy with your new Blogging 101 lessons.

  3. Arty-Kat says:

    It is definitely time for you to write-! And I look forward to reading your blog. There are blogs and journals that you can make limited to people you allow. You just have to decide – or keep two like me!

  4. Lapaka K says:

    Welcome to the blogging world Beth, cant wait to read more of your posts 🙂

  5. guevaragema says:

    I look forward to learning more about you, Beth. 🙂

  6. Golda says:

    It’s awesome that you want to share your life through your writing.

  7. annepm2015 says:


    I like your Introduction and your blog. You seem to be a “real” genuine person. I have an autoimmune disease from breast cancer four years ago. I am disabled now and mainly walk on a walker outside and canes inside. This affected me suddenly without warning within a week. I lost all mobility functions in my legs, feet and my hands shake often (tremors). Keep in touch with me.

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