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My Reading List of 2015 — January

Hello to all my readers! I have chosen four books to start the year. They are:

Shopaholic To The Stars — Sophie Kinsella

Orphan Train — Christina Baker Kline

The Lemon Orchard — Luanne Rice

The Girls of August — Anne Rivers Siddons

Of the four books I’ve chosen, the only author new to me is Christina Kline Baker, so I’m excited to give it a try. What drew me to the book was the title and the plot. The other three authors I’ve read for years and enjoyed their writing styles.


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4 thoughts on “My Reading List of 2015 — January

  1. Hello Bethie. A great idea to have a blog about books. I love reading too. We live on a boat and get through quite a lot of books. We save up the ones we have read and look for a book swap in a taverna.
    I don’t have one favourite author but I quite like Ken a Follett at the moment. Once I find an author I like, I tend to read all of their books one after the other.
    I like crime novels, forensics, medical novels a la Patricia Cornwell, Peter James. It’s interesting how important the cover art is, and the blurb on the back.
    I only read one book at a time, otherwise I tend not to finish either of them. I much prefer a physical book – I bought a Kindle when they first came out but didn’t like it. I like the smell of books, the feel, flicking through the pages etc.
    Tell me about your reading preferences?

  2. Hi Bethie
    From your list I have Shopaholic To The Stars — Sophie Kinsella in my library, it has been in there for a few months just never got round to reading it. My favorite fiction author is Liane Moriarty and so far I have read two of her books The Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies, I loved both books so much. I don’t really have a favorite genre that I like, I choose a book by the cover art, author and reviews. I find myself reading multiple books at the same time usually a fiction and a nonfiction at the same time. I will always love physical books and I buy them for my collection however e-books are more convenient for me as I can carry one device that has more than 80 books.

    Love your blog 😉

  3. Hey Bethie, have you used Goodreads to keep track of the books you read? I use Goodreads to store and all reviews will transfer to byword press site. Using the Goodreads widget provides followers to view what you want to read, and currently reading.

    Check out the site

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